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Designer’s Lunch

Perfect weather to drive to town and enjoy a nice lunch, shades on, park at Damateo with the cool cars, shopping and off course get inspired from the cool stores around.


Gryphon: Airborne lifestyle concept | UID Degree Show 2014

Many of us designers at Volvo Cars have been studying at the awesome Umeå Institute of Design in the city of Umeå in northern Sweden. One of our previous interns Erik Evers here at Volvo just finished his master in transportation design at that very school and we just wanted to show you his project. because it’s just awesome:

"The result of this degree work is a twin rotor aircraft called the Gryphon. The rotors are partly covered to provide protection both visually and functionally. The idea is also that the rings would provide better aerodynamics by stopping vortex rings to appear in a hover and create a larger lifting surface in forward flight. 

The Gryphon is semi autonomous and offers seamless control to the pilot through a brain machine interface together with controls in the pilot armrests. The spine shape that intersects the center of the fuselage goes down through the cockpit and forms the antenna over the pilots head, the spine shape houses sensors and also acts as a directionally stabilizing aerodynamic element. 

The ultimate goal was to achieve a vehicle design where the design concept and the technical concept were seamlessly interwoven and mutually supportive, a design without compromise!”

We want to congratulate Erik to a well made project, please check out the Gryphon and the other degree works here.

The Polestar | Scandinavias tallest building in Gothenburg

This week the winning proposal for a new sky scraper in Gothenburg was announced. Drawn by architects at the american firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), the building will be scandinavias tallest building with its 230 meters. 

the building will stand tall in the technical hub of gothenburg at Lindholmen on Hising Island, around the corner from the Volvo factory and our design studio and will be finished in 2019, just in time for Gothenburgs 400 year anniversary in 2021.

IKO Creative prosthetic system from 000CAT000 on Vimeo.

IKO is a creative prosthetic system designed for children to explore and empower their creativity in a playful, social and friendly way. What if kids could use their imagination to create their own tools according to their own needs; disabled kids needs are not always related to physical activity but often alternatively the social and psychological aspect; what if kids could make their own prosthetics and have fun at the same time? Learning. Creating. Being kids.

Find out more info about it on UIDs homepage here.