W e D e s i g n V o l v o

The State of Design

This is a video about the desire to create something new. We discuss inspirations, dreams and the worst parts of being a designer.
To work with a project like this is of course a dream for a car designer. To be part of the evolution of a concept car is a very unique process that challenges you to always push the limits of car design.

In the video you can see my colleague Conny describing the creative process behind his design -  "Your mind kind of goes blank, you know, like when you are in flow, like when you’re driving really fast or dancing really well, you don’t think about anything. You just do it".

Obviously all designers have their own sources of inspiration and their own way of describing the creative process. As my other colleague Jonathan put it - "It’s like creating a sculpture…but with wheels"! I often get my inspiration from nature, exciting landscapes and sometimes from animals. It is also very inspiring to be in an environment like this, surrounded by inventive people and great car design. /Andreas