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What does a black car indicate?

This interview is translated from the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, you can read the original article here http://www.dn.se/motor/hon-satter-farg-pa-volvo.

For Volvo color responsible Cecilia Stark, the answer is simple: elegance, athleticism and attitude. “Black is always right,” she says.

Blue, silver, gray and black. There you have the far most popular colors among Volvo’s customers. Together they account for nearly 80 percent of all styles of today’s models.

- Black always works. It stands for so much, elegance and sportiness, but also attitude. Watch the designers themselves, many of them walking around in black because it works so well, says Cecilia Stark, strategically responsible for color and materials at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg.

- Previously, we associated black with German prestige cars, but that has changed, she says.

When Volvo is developing a new car or a concept car, it is Cecilia who will be responsible for what colors they will be sold in. The custom made deep shiny copper color to the S60 is an example, the exclusive series of nail polish in matching colors another.

The disadvantage with special colors, which overnight could be very popular, is that they do not usually have the same long life as the classic colors white, black and blue.

- White was very popular in the 1980s, then the interest decreased and then white got big again. The years around 2005 it was very popular. But black seems to hold up better over time.

What models are best suited in black?

- A disadvantage of black may be that the car’s shapes are not perceived very well. Black clothes always work, they make you look slim and well put together. But a car can look very big and lose some of the proportions in black, she says.

Volvo offers three shades of black: a solid, a metallic and a more exclusive blend of copper pigments. The solid is in the deepest black, and has been around for decades.

What are the drawbacks of black?

- Black absorbs more heat, but today all cars have AC. The car must be clean, the dirt gets really visible on a black car, said Cecilia Stark.

What car do you drive?

- A Volvo V50. Black!

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