W e D e s i g n V o l v o

God is in the Details

Pontus Rosenqvist, Senior Specialist Designer from WeDesignVolvo on Vimeo.

The best thing about being part of the studio is the realization that every single person is so passionate about his or her area of expertise. In the end, the finished Volvo is nothing more than the sum of all the details designed and constructed by a team that is truly passionate of delivering a perfect end product.


WDV_Dec_Pontus_Rosenqvist009-7 WDV_Dec_Pontus_Rosenqvist009-2Meet Pontus Rosenqvist, the Senior Specialist Designer responsible for one of the most vital details in forms of perception; the Volvo grille emblems and the other emblems you will find on your car.


WDV_Dec_Pontus_Rosenqvist009-4 WDV_Dec_Pontus_Rosenqvist009-9

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