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More Volvo Ocean Race Inspiration

We took some images when working with the interior design of the Volvo Ocean Race Edition. I think it is pretty clear what elements from the nautical cards and carbon sails of the Volvo Ocean Race ships that inspired me. See more in this post: Designing with Volvo Ocean Race in mind.


Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

Inspiration  Volvo Ocean Race Edition

What inspires you?

When it comes to designing cars, inspiration comes from everywhere. I have a soft spot for exclusive watches such as Patek Philippe and I’m a dedicated collector of wrist watches. It’s in this collection that I’ve found the inspiration for one of Volvos more extreme interior designs; Milled Amber – inscription decor of the S80. The technique used to create the almost 3D-like pattern called Geneva Waves is the same as you can find in quality watches, where you mill thin lines in a wave pattern into steel. You may also recognize it from the classic arcade game Donkey Kong, now that’s quality!


Game & Watch : Donkey Kong



The State of Design

This is a video about the desire to create something new. We discuss inspirations, dreams and the worst parts of being a designer.
To work with a project like this is of course a dream for a car designer. To be part of the evolution of a concept car is a very unique process that challenges you to always push the limits of car design.

In the video you can see my colleague Conny describing the creative process behind his design -  "Your mind kind of goes blank, you know, like when you are in flow, like when you’re driving really fast or dancing really well, you don’t think about anything. You just do it".

Obviously all designers have their own sources of inspiration and their own way of describing the creative process. As my other colleague Jonathan put it - "It’s like creating a sculpture…but with wheels"! I often get my inspiration from nature, exciting landscapes and sometimes from animals. It is also very inspiring to be in an environment like this, surrounded by inventive people and great car design. /Andreas

Georg Jensen

The famous Danish design house Georg Jensen's jewellery, kitchenware and watches are the epitome of Scandinavian design with a minimalist and timeless ethos. It only seems natural for Volvo to cooperate with this icon of Scandinavian style when designing the Concept You.

Steering wheel

Grille and headlamp Lamp pencil sketches

Wheel design

The design of the wheels, the grille, the innovative headlamps and elements of the steering wheel (see the sketch above) have been inspired by the works of Georg Jensen. Their design represent uncluttered, organic surfaces and superb craftsmanship that radiate timeless luxury.


One important source of inspiration for the design of the Volvo Concept You was the following: how do we design a luxury car with Scandinavian design? How do we make an exclusive and luxurious Volvo? Since most car designs today seem to be quite similar and based on complicated designs, we decided to look into our history and then go forward with a simple and minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Volvo Concept You Front

PV 544

Amazon front

Volvo’s design history have contributed to a number of design cues that are most visible in the front – we have incorporated the PV44 hood, the lower air intakes are inspired by the Amazon and finally the characteristic grill is shared with many other Volvo models. This Scandinavian heritage results in a design that is based on simple and solid surfaces, partially inspired by Georg Jensen’s famous jewelry design. /Jonathan