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At Detroit Auto Show - Jonas Strömberg, interaction designer at Volvo

Jonas Strömberg

Jonas Strömberg, interaction designer of the Volvo XC60 plug-in petrol hybrid Concept

What do you work with?

In essence, I’m working on creating a positive user experience for the driver by sorting and designing the information flow in the car. Our main focus is on digital and graphic design. In summary, my colleagues and I design technology that is designed for and around people.

How did your interest for interaction design start?

My main background is in Humanities as behavioral science, psychology and philosophy. After that I studied engineering at Chalmers University of Technology which proved to be a very good and exciting mix that laid the foundation of the profession I have today.

How has the Detroit Auto Show been so far?

It has gone very well! It’s always nervous before with a lot of preparation but here at the show, people have been very interested in the car and of our work.