W e D e s i g n V o l v o

Designing with Volvo Ocean Race in mind

Volvo Cars makes a Volvo Ocean Race edition and this time my job was to work on a detail of the interior that was specifically related to the competition Volvo Ocean Race. Volvo Ocean Race is the formula 1 of sailing and my objective was to create something that mirrored the cool, sporty feeling. 

I went through some ideas based on the landscapes and archipelago outside of Gothenburg but scrapped that idea since it was a bit too obvious as a symbol. I had just looked at nautical charts just before I went to one of the harbours visiting the boats. The sails on these extremely high tech boats reminded me about the nautical charts since they are full with lines of carbon.

While in the studio, I put the nautical chart in the background and combined with a shot from the harbor. If you look closely on the final result you will see that there are boats in the harbour. You can see it on decor panels in e.g. an XC 70 Volvo Ocean Race edition or on the passenger panel in a V60.


The second lap of Volvo Ocean Race runs between Cape Town and Abu Dhabi and preliminary date for reaching Abu Dhabi is the 1st of January. Cool to have a look at what they’re up to here.